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2 Happy Frogs

This is the result of my daughter and I playing with paper when she was home for her Spring break. It was good to have some time together. Her being home was one of the reasons for my lack of posts in March — there never seems to be enough time to do all the things I want to do. Could it be that I just want to do too many things? Nah . . . there must be a different reason : )


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Smiles For Easter

Have a great day doing whatever you do for Easter. I get to see my grandson this afternoon  so I will be happy.


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10 Pounds

It has been a while since I’ve been able to post any baby pictures — but today I was able to take some that I can show you. Little C. is now just over 10 pounds (he started at only 4 1/2) —  every one of them is adorable and very much loved by me — Gramma : )  I get to spend time with him every Friday afternoon while mommy goes to Curves to workout and sometimes when Daddy and Mommy want to go out together  — I  take turns with the other Nana for those times and she gets Mondays while mommy works out. Even though it means  I have to share, I am glad that little C. has two sets of grandparents living close enough to see him often. So now for the pictures — you are going to love them.

This toy is the first that he is really able to hold onto and even get it into his mouth to chew on — great for those teeth that are trying to break through.

Some snuggles with Gramma before nap time : )


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Fun At Gramma’s House

My grandson came to visit today so Mommy and Daddy could have a little break. He is 4 months old  and such a cutie : ) 

C. is still kinda small for this and not quite into the jumping idea yet, but he did seem to enjoy just hanging around for awhile.

The other side of this has lights that flash along with the music that plays when the toys are kicked — I had to move the toys because his legs didn’t quite reach yet.  C. enjoyed the music and the lights. The blanket he is laying on was made by my Nanny for C’s Daddy when he was a baby — I am sure she would be happy to see the next generation using it : )

C. also enjoyed the Dr. Suess book that I read to him — “There’s A Wocket In My Pocket”. It’s a fun book of silly rhymes.


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Yesterday when I read Sparklepetal’s post I was reminded of something my now adult daughter had done when she was little. I too ran for the camera instead of giving immediate correction, but even now so many years later the picture still makes me smile.


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Happy New Year !

At the grocery store today something caught my attention and told me that it wanted to go home with me. I ignored it at first and went on with my shopping — but, as I was leaving my resistence failed me and I bought it. I think that my low level of resistence may have something to do with reading Lucy’s post yesterday — seeing all of her pictures of flowers made me want some of my own color to look at up close.

I took a picture of how pretty my flower looked sitting in bright colored tissue paper and then of course I took a few more after I took it out of the box.

Later tonight hubby and I are going to light some candles and enjoy some fruit with chocolate dip — mmmm : )  I am not sure if we will stay up long enough to greet the new year, but that’s o.k. — it will be 2010 when we wake up in the morning whether we greet it at midnight or not. 

2009 was a very full year for me and seems to have passed very quickly. There were some big changes with my daughter moving to Illinois and my son and daughter-in-law having a baby — which means that I became a Gramma for the first time. I would have to say that the highlight of this past year is my grandson, so I will end this year with some pictures of baby cuteness.

Such tiny fingers compared to Grampa’s hand.

Snuggle time with Gramma — that’s me : )

Letting his voice be heard.

Some floor time while trying out new shirt from Aunty.

See you all next year ! ! !


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Gramma Gets To Babysit

I spent a very enjoyable 2 hours this evening cuddling my grandson while his mommy and daddy went to their first dinner out together since baby was born in September. They thanked me for babysitting for them and I thanked them for letting me babysit. I am hoping that they will go out often : )


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