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Good Friday Stroll

Here in Canada,  Good Friday is a holiday so hubby and I got to spend some extra time together. First we checked out 2 craft sales and then we took a stroll by the Hamilton waterfront. It was a very warm day and there were lots of people enjoying their day off by the water. Hubby even flew his little kite that he keeps in the car for just such occasions. So here are a few pictures to document our stroll.

This cool looking beaver was in the entrance way of  the Parks Canada Discovery Centre. It looks like an interesting place to visit sometime.

Any ideas of what this is?

Does this help?

Here is the whole picture.

The sun was sparkling on the water.

The swans were enjoying the afternoon as well.

Happy Easter : )



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Now They Are Gone

I took these pictures last Sunday — February 28 — and am just now getting around to posting them. I thought about not bothering because they are ‘old news’ now, but decided that I really did want to share them. This first one was just one house over on our road. I  saw it on Saturday evening when it was too dark to take a picture and when I stopped by on Sunday afternoon to do so the makers told me it had already shrunk a foot, but he was still very tall. We had a major dump of wet snow on Friday so Saturday was the perfect snowman making day, but then it was very warm on Sunday and things were melting fast. We have had a week of very warm days which means the snow is pretty much gone now — we got very little snow this year — I just hope we don’t get it in April — it has happened before : )

He was showing his support for the Canadian Olympics Hockey Team : )

This snowman caught my eye as we were driving to get lunch — I think it was the orange hat and that he was so big. Then when I got out of the car to take the picture I realized that he was a 2-sided snowman. I have never seen a snowman like this before — Have you?

I have been busy making lots of stuffy friends. I now have 60 finished and ready to go — will post some pictures soon.

I have also started an Etsy shop to sell a few of my creations to help cover the cost of the ones going to the Phillipines. I do have a few things listed and have some more almost ready. For me it is one more ‘computery’ thing to learn so it will take me a little time to get it looking the way I would like it to. My wonderful daughter made my shop banner — she is really good at that kind of thing. I will tell you the story behind the shop name another day.

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Yesterday when I read Sparklepetal’s post I was reminded of something my now adult daughter had done when she was little. I too ran for the camera instead of giving immediate correction, but even now so many years later the picture still makes me smile.


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Free To A Good Home

While out and about with hubby on Monday I came across this sign.

Your first thought was probably that someone was giving away kittens or puppies — but, no it was something else.

The sign was for free Christmas trees.

But, these were not your normal size tree — they were little baby trees — only 2 or 3 feet tall.  I wanted to bring one home just because they were so cute and they were FREE : )

I am sure that they were the cast-offs that no one would buy so the store hoped that if they were free maybe someone would take them home and save them the trouble of getting rid of them after Christmas. It was a very good idea really — I felt sorry for the little trees and did seriously — for a minute — think about bringing one home — but, then I thought about the mess the needles would make in the car and house — which is why we went with an artificial tree this year — and I left those poor little trees out in the cold. I hope that someone else gave them a good home.

My time away from blogging was longer than I expected. I should be back now — at least a couple of times a week. Thank-you to those who told me that you did miss me. I have been popping in to visit my favorite blogs and although I haven’t left any comments, I have enjoyed following along with everyone’s Christmas preparations.

So — MERRY CHRISTMAS ! ! !  I hope that you all have a wonderful day : )


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Cherry Hill Gate

To see most of the Royal Botanical Gardens that are close to where I live you have to pay an entrance fee, but there is one area that is still free. This area is quite wooded with some marshes and nice walking paths. The best part though is the abundance of birds — especially the ones that will land on your hand. I get really excited every time one comes to me and picks some seeds right out of my hand. These birds are well fed because there are always people walking the paths carrying a bag or container of birdseed. A couple of weeks ago I finally went to this part of  the RBG called Cherry Hill Gate  — I had been wanting to go all Summer, but something always seemed to get in the way. I am sure that I just blinked and summer just came and went when I wasn’t looking. I took some pretty cool pictures during  my walk  that I hope you will enjoy.



















Did you enjoy your walk with me? What was your favorite part? We will have to go for another walk someday–maybe in the winter to see the changes that the snow makes. I wonder if the birds still come out to be fed during the winter — I guess we will have to take that walk and find out.


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Baby Soft Flannel


The cushions I was recovering for my daughter-in-law’s glider rocker  are finished, so now I can start a new — more fun, sewing project. I am going to make  receiving blankets and some burp cloths for my new grandson. I bought 5 adorable baby boy prints yesterday that I have washed and dried — I just love the soft and cozy feel of flannel : )

Baby Flannel and Ottawa St

I will post pictures of the finished project another day.

I parked at the opposite end of Ottawa Street this time and found some more cool stuff that I hadn’t seen on either of my last 2 visits this month — thimbles and spools of thread.

There are 3 thimbles around this garden area.


There is a whole row of these spools of thread separating  a rest area from a parking lot.



He is continuing to do well and getting stronger every day. The doctors are already talking about transferring him out of the neo-natal unit. I think I better stop blogging and get those receiving blankets and burp cloths sewn and ready to be used — he might be home much sooner than originally expected. I think  we may have a hard time keeping up with this little guy — he seems to do everything in a hurry — I am sure  that our lives will never be boring : )

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I Am Being Watched


Often when I am outside in the front yard my cat Purrcy will sit and watch me from the living room window. This is the first time I actully caught him with  the camera.

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