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A Visit From The Cats

It has been awhile since the cats have stopped in for a visit so I took a picture of each one today so that they could pop by.

 P urrcy was doing what he does best — napping on the couch. My computer was in the way a bit, but he made do.

Gidget was getting into her normal everyday mischief on the ironing board.


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Pretty Pink Flowers

The church I attend is one of the many North American churches that celebrate a Pastor Appreciation Day during the month of October each year.  I don’t think that I have mentioned before that my hubby is a pastor — of the church that I attend of course. So, this past Sunday we were called to the front of the church to be publically thanked for all that we do through the year. We received a gift card for The Keg — they have the best steaks — my mouth is watering just thinking about them — we will have to go soon. They also gave us some beautiful pink flowers. I took  pictures of those flowers today so that I could share them with you — hope you enjoy their gorgeous color : ) 




Gidget likes the flowers too.


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I Am Being Watched


Often when I am outside in the front yard my cat Purrcy will sit and watch me from the living room window. This is the first time I actully caught him with  the camera.

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Morning Cats and Afternoon Cats


Purrcy is having a morning snack.


Gidget is at her favorite perch enjoying the neighbors flower garden and small pond. It is a great place for bird watching.



Afternoon nap time — both cats like to sleep where the sun shines in creating a nice warm spot on the floor. They are not fussy about where this sunny spot is — it can be in the bedroom or living room and sometimes even in the middle of the kitchen.

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Acrobat Cat

My cat Purrcy is quite an acrobat.  A door is only about 2 inches thick and he is not a small cat, but he likes to sit on top of doors. I found him on one recently and managed to quickly get the camera and take a picture — I wasn’t sure how long he would stay up there so I didn’t take much time setting up the shot — I just started snapping. Here he is on the top of the living room door.


Blog-Acrobat Cat

Does anyone else have an Acrobat Cat?


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Introducing The 2 Cats

I guess it is about time  I let you see the cats that live with me and my hubby. I enjoy having furry friends to pet and cuddle — of course it is always by their mood not mine — that’s the way cats are. They each have very different personalities. Purrcy is much more laid back and more of the cuddler. Gidget is the wild and crazy one who snuggles only rarely, but she does greet me every morning by licking my hands. Purrcy is much easier to get pictures of because he stays still longer and his coloring shows better. Gidget likes to run away when I get out the camera and unless I catch her in just the right light her dark coloring doesn’t make a very good picture.  All right already stop blabbering and show me some pictures —  here they are — Purrcy and Gidget. 


They are in a sunny spot on the living room floor grooming each other. Once the grooming was finished Gidget started a wrestling match.


Here is a close up of Purrcy — don’t you just love his pink tongue?


And here he is sleeping in his funny curled up way in one of his favorite places — I can’t figure out why he would choose to sleep on the hard coffee table when there is a much softer couch quite close by.


This is the best picture that I could get of Gidget today. A few minutes ago she jumped up into my chair with me and tried to lay across my arm — which only lasted until I started typing again.

So now you have met the cats — they will stop by now and then for another visit.

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