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I Finally Dropped Some Toys

In January I mentioned that I had signed up for The Toy Society. I then started making some soft toys from socks, gloves and fabric. I am having so much fun and loving my little critters. They took over the love seat in the living room because I was having a hard time with the idea of parting with them and I really like seeing them all sitting together giving me warm fuzzies inside whenever I look at them.

This is not the greatest picture, but it gives you the idea of how these new friends of mine are starting to take over — even more have arrived since this picture was taken — I will show you their pictures later this week. Because I am enjoying making these critters so much I have decided to make some for a children’s home in the Philippines. A lady in my church goes each Fall and has told me that the children there would love my toys. So, I am planning to make at least 100 for her to take when she goes this year  — and  a few to sell to help cover the cost.

But now — back to the subject of this post — I finally parted with 3 of my toys and ‘dropped’ them at the mall yesterday. Hubby and I walked the full length of the mall scouting out just the right places to put the toys. For a Monday afternoon the mall was surprizingly busy which made our task more difficult — but, together we were up to the challenge.

We put our first toy by the candy dispensers — a sure place to be found.

The next one was at a table in the food court. We watched this one for awhile and saw a group of teenagers sit down and open the bag. There was a girl in the group so I am hoping that she took my little bear home with her.

The last one was left on a bench. Hubby sat down to rest a minute and covertly put the toy in place while I stood a little ways away with the camera zoomed in to take the picture. We enjoyed ourselves and will do it again probably next month — we have to have time to plan our mission stratagy you know : )



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