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Back To Ottawa Street

I had to make a second trip to Ottawa St. to replace the fabric that I bought for another project I am working on. The first piece I bought — even though I really like it — was just not the right color for this project (I will show you the project another day). This time I took a friend with me to make sure that I got it right and I did.

In the past Ottawa St. was pretty much all fabric stores, but recently a number of antique stores have been popping up. My friend and I checked out 2 of them. In the first one — Maverick Antiques — I bought these.


Here is a close up mosaic. I have a real love affair with doilies — it was hard to only pick these 4.

Back to Ottawa St

I didn’t buy anything at the second store — Molly’s Back Porch — but, I did take pictures of this.


This is not for sale but is hanging in the store as a conversation piece. It is just felt that has LOTS of buttons sewn onto it. I absolutely love it and want to make one for myself — on a much smaller scale though. The picture above is quite fuzzy because it was cropped to get just the button hanging — I wanted to show how long it is. The next picture was taken in 2 parts so you can see the details.

Back to Ottawa St1

I already have a button collection, but I may have to add some to it before I start one of these for myself — that is not a hardship though — I really like buttons — they come in so many colors, and shapes and sizes — just like flowers!


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Flea Market Treasures

Elmvale, Ontario is a small town that draws a big crowd for it’s weekly Thursday Flea Market. We like to make a visit while on vacation, since it is quite close to our Wymbolwood Beach. So, yesterday was a beautiful sunny day that was perfect for treasure hunting. I found some pretty cool things — are you ready to see?


This is crocheted with a fine crochet thread and I think it is just awesome — it begged me to take it home with me — so what else could I do?


From the same lady that made the crochet piece above I bought this bag of lefover crochet thread. I have been wanting to try making a doily or doll blanket and now I have some thread to experiment with.


I don’t wear jewelery so I am going to find a way to display this. I love the colors and the intricacy in the design.


This is an older book of crochet blanket patterns. There are a few that caught my eye — but even if  I don’t use  the patterns, the pictures are pretty to look at. Here are three that I really like.





Now for the most funky of my treasures — isn’t this bag just the greatest?


That’s it for my new treasures — but I have two more pictures to show you.


This clown was on one of the buildings giving a cheery atmosphere to the place.


These flowers greeted us as we drove in.

WARNING –I also spotted some dinosaurs at the Elmvale Flea Market — so be on the lookout for when they show up here : )


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