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Stopping In To Say Hi : )

Hi there — have you missed me? My life has been somewhat unsettled for awhile so I haven’t been blogging much. Among other things I have been busy making Stuffy Friends, getting ready for a Mom 2 Mom sale on Saturday. I am hoping that after the sale I will have more time to blog — but, then I am also re-thinking the whole blog idea. I am trying to decide why it is that I blog and is it something that I want to be putting my time into. I do like the feeling of having friends in blogland, the sharing that happens and I like the challenge of expressing myself in writing — so why does it sometimes  feel like it is just another chore on my To-Do list?

I don’t think that I will totally disappear, but I am considering my options. I may just need to re-focus and decide what it is I really want to blog about. When I read other’s blogs I am  inspired by their creativity, I love the beautiful pictures they post and I enjoy the many interesting stories of their lives. I feel like I am not alone — there are others out there who like the  same things I do or go through the same struggles that I do. Maybe I should be just a blog reader and not be a blog writer.

It is very late and I must go to bed, but I want to leave you with a question —  What about you –why do you blog?



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I Love Comments : )

I don’t know about you, but I get a warm happy feeling inside every time I get a comment  — someone out there is reading my blog and cares enough to take the time to let me know. I would like to respond to every comment — it is not like I get tons every day — but sometimes I just don’t get to it — or even worse what has happened this past week or so is that I just can’t remember who I wrote back to and who I didn’t write back to. So, for all of you that have left me comments recently, I want to say Thank You. I appreciate the time that you take to write and the encouraging things that you say. Sometimes I will write back and sometimes I won’t, but I ALWAYS love hearing from you.

Because I think that no post is complete without at least one picture I will leave you with this — I decoupaged this many years ago and it is still one of my favorite pictures.


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Yesterday when I read Sparklepetal’s post I was reminded of something my now adult daughter had done when she was little. I too ran for the camera instead of giving immediate correction, but even now so many years later the picture still makes me smile.


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Time For Sunday Smiles

It seems that it’s not just kids who like to play with their food. I think these pictures show great creativity–don’t you?

 Fast Food Smile.JPG-2



I hope you enjoy todays smiles — and that they don’t make you too hungry : )


Picture #1 by alisahhhazeee

Picture #2 by monicawin1121

Picture #3 by mattcromer


You may have noticed that my posting has been less frequent the past couple of weeks — I am hoping to change that very soon. I have been working on the time consuming project of organizing all of my photos on the computer as well as adjusting to being a Gramma — getting some quality cuddle time, shopping for clothes small enough to fit, finishing burp cloths and receiving blankets — and just keeping up with the everyday stuff of life. I do forsee some balance coming to the craziness of life these past few weeks so hopefully you will be hearing from me more often : ) I have been missing my time spent blogging and my crochet time has been very limited, but I am planning on more of both in the very near future.

Have a great Sunday — see you tomorrow with some funky mailboxes for Mailbox Monday.

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Country Living — British Edition


A number of the blogs that I read are written by some wonderful bloggers in England. I also have a couple of friends who are from that little country across the sea and I am quite fascinated by all things ‘English’ right now. These bloggers from England often write about these magazines  with much joy and excitement so when I stumbled upon them here in my country I just had to check them out for mysef. I have to agree that they really are wonderful magazines with so much color and interesting stories — I may have just added something to my list of things to buy each month : ) I also bought an issue of the American version and although it is a nice magazine, the British edition is really MUCH better. Thank you my ‘English’ blogging friends.

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A Cup Of Tea With Friends


This is in my kitchen beside these . . .


This past month since I started blogging I have enjoyed sitting in my comfy chair with a cup of tea while blog hopping. There are so many beautiful blogs —  by beautiful people —  who have beautiful pictures — make some beautiful things — and write beautiful stories. Hours can fly by as I hop from one blog to another enjoying all this BEAUTIFULNESS! Thank you, fellow bloggers for making this world a more beautiful place : )


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Thank You For Your Comments


Just a quick note to say “Thank you” to those who have visited my blog and left me a comment. I would like to thank you personally — but I haven’t figured out how yet. Next week I plan to take some time to learn more about the nuts and bolts of blogging, so hopefully I will figure out how to say “Thank you” personally.

I have been having lots of fun blog hopping and writing on this blog. It is so cool when I check in to find that I have a comment. I often leave comments as I am blog hopping although sometimes I run into trouble and it says it doesn’t recognize me. I will try and figure that out in my process of learning some more nuts and bolts of blogging. If anyone reads this and knows the answer to that problem you could always let me know and save me some work : )


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