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Chairs On The Beach


When I started this Blog I challenged myself to be random — not always organized and in perfect order, because life is not often nicely oganized and in perfect order, although I do try my best to make it that way : ) So, in wanting to do a post today I went back to my vacation pictures and decided to write about chairs. While at the beach each year one of our favorite things to do is to walk along and take pictures of the different things that we see. I am always fascinated by the chairs — almost every cottage has some chairs down by the beach. These chairs come in all sorts of colors, sizes and shapes. Some are made of wood, others are plastic or made with fabric and some are even just tree stumps. There can be just one chair or a whole bunch of chairs — sometimes placed neatly in a row and sometimes all mixed up. We even recognize some of the same chairs from one year to the next. Often we find them all folded and stacked in a pile so they don’t blow away while their owners are up in the cottage for the night. Here are a few of the pictures of chairs taken while at Wymbolwood Beach this summer.
















I hope that you enjoyed seeing my ‘chairs on the beach’. I want you to know that it’s o.k. to take a minute or two or more — and imagine yourself sitting in one of these chairs looking out at the bay on a warm summer day with a good book,  some colorful crochet or whatever it is that makes you happy. Go ahead — pick your favorite chair and relax for a bit : )



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The Last Day

Today is our last full day at the beach until next year. Tomorrow we pack up and go home. Then on Monday we leave again to help our daughter move to Illinois — I will write more about that later. But, now I will show a few more pictures of our time here and then I’m off to fully enjoy my last day here.


On Wednesday the weather was quite cool and windy and the water was very wavey so hubby and I decided to take a drive farther up the bay to find a rocky place — we love our sandy beach for walking and swimming but we also love to see water crashing against the rocks. It was hard to snap the picture at just the right time, but this gives you a little idea.



We see some awesome sunsets here on Georgian Bay.


We drove up here through torrential rain and we unpacked the car in medium rain which stopped when we went into town to but groceries. We were then blessed to see a number of rainbows. This is the one that I was able to get a picture of.

I have so much more that I want to say — but  — I really must go outside — so maybe I will write some more later.

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Wymbolwood Beach


There are three more days left for hubby and me to be here at the beach. We found this place four years ago and have been enjoying our two weeks of vacation time here every summer since then. We stay at Wymbolwood Lodge which is on the shores of Georgian Bay — not far from Midland, Ontario. The Lodge is set up like motel units with tiny kitchenettes in each one. The units are not at all fancy, but they are comfortable and cozy and the beach is fantastic. You can walk for about an hour in either direction –either at the water’s edge or up in the really soft sand.


I like to take lots of pictures and this year hubby learned how to record video on his camera so we can watch the waves at home this winter when we are longing for the beach.


This is where you will find hubby most of the time we are here — reading a book while sitting down by the beach. The wind can be a bit chilly at times right by the water, but he still loves to be there.

My laptop battery has just gone very low so I had to move inside to let it recharge —  I am going to end this post for now and go back out to enjoy the sun and watch the waves. I will be back to write some more later.


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Chippy Friends


Seeing a chipmunk always makes me smile —  so yersterday I was smiling a lot as I watched two of them scurry about.


This one is so cute with such a big peanut in his mouth.


Here he is just checking things out from his perch on the nubby part of this tree. I had to take a number of pictures to actually get just a few good ones — the little creatures are very fast and sometimes are only a blur once you see the picture.


This is the other one that I was watching — I could tell the difference because this one had a normal size tail and the other’s tail was short.


His cheeks are already bulging, but he is still putting another almond in there — it amazes me how much they can stuff in all at once.


Now he is scurrying away to store his treasures for some other time.

I am writing this while outside and Mr. Short Tail has been out again — making me smile some more.


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