Project Philippines 2010


In the Fall (October or November) of this year Della Tyrrell, along with a few others, will be making her 10th trip to the Philippines. While there she will participate in several feeding programs. She will also continue her ongoing support of  ‘My Father’s House” — a children’s home that she founded and helped build in 2006.

In January of this year I started making stuffed creatures that I lovingly call my Stuffy Friends. While having lunch with Della one day I asked her if she thought my Stuffy Friends were something that she could take to the children she reaches out to in the Philippines.

Della was excited about the idea, so the making of my Stuffy Friends has taken on more of a purpose than just something fun to do when I relax. I have committed to send at least 100 with Della this Fall. Anyone who is interested can help in one of these 3 ways — you can make some Stuffy Friends yourself to add to what I am making, you can purchase one of the ones I will be selling to help cover some of my costs, or you can contribute to Della directly.

You can find out more about Della here.


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